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What is Aikido?
- Morihei Ueshiba
~ In simple terms it is a martial art founded in the mid 1920's by Morihei Ueshiba based on the principles of harmony and expression of love for all things through budo. Recognized by the Japanese government in 1940, the Aikikai Foundation is the parent organization for the development of Aikido worldwide. In deeper more complex terms Aikido training allows the human spirit to develop itself by unifying ones body mind and spirit. Through time, Aikido training will skillfully strike down one's ego & inherent insincerity through the discipline in the martial techniques in Aikido. The ultimate goal of Aikido is step by step improvement of one's character based on the rules of nature. So we "become resilient and strong inside but express our spirit's strength softly.

The Aikido Association of Arkansas was founded in 1990 and was know then as Arkansas Budokan. Starting as an association with a local karate dojo it soon grew into a separate martial arts school. The dojo was renamed “Gyokushinkan Dojo” in 1993 by Fumio Toyoda Shihan and recognized by his organization and later by Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo.

The founder and chief instructor, James W. Jones, has over 35 years of study in the martial arts with over 20 years of study in Aikido. Mr. Jones is a direct student of Fumio Toyoda Shihan and Andrew Sato Shihan. The Aikido Association of Arkansas is a founding member of the Aikido World Alliance under the direction of Andrew Sato Shihan.

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